Paul’s Corner, January 2018

Starting Out Big!

Britten is starting out the year in a big way, with a series of building wraps on the schedule this month. The first two buildings are already installed, while the third is currently in production.

Check out this time-lapse of the first of 4 buildings to be wrapped by Britten Services at Crystal City in Arlington, VA – each side of this building measures over 104’ H x 90’ W and was printed on 70% mesh.

Foam3D™ Custom Sculptures

Britten’s production team has been busy putting our new CNC foam cutting equipment to use, including these brackets that we produced for Michigan Technological University’s marketing department.

Below, we sculpted an oversized foam soccer ball for the inaugural Prospects Cup. Inspired by the Little League World Series, the tournament was held last month in Kissimmee, FL with teams participating from all over the world. Cut vinyl letters applied under the logos indicated the distance traveled by all 16 teams involved in the tournament.

Nationwide Media Implementation

Britten recently headed up a large project that combined site surveys, hardware, print, and installation at several different Vail resorts across the country.

Following the on-site analysis at each resort (which was conducted in 6 different states in the span of a week), recommendations were made for specifically sized BannerStretch™ tensioned frames, silicone-edged fabric frames, and decal applications in other instances. Design templates were provided for each location and a unique piece of artwork was provided for every individual piece of media.

Light Pole Banners & Brackets

From the parking lot of our hometown hospital to the Windy City, light pole banners are kept intact by Britten’s patented BannerSaver® wind-spilling bracket system. Instead of shredding banners in strong winds, these brackets bend with an internal spring system that’s been wind-tunnel tested to reduce 87% of wind load.

How can we help with your next creative project?

With over 400,000 sq. ft. of production space and a diverse range of capabilities, Britten is ready to fulfill your creative request.

We sincerely appreciate you and your patronage and wish you the very best.