Fantastic Fabrics

What makes fabric a fabulous choice?

Fabric is a great alternative to vinyl banners because it has an extremely vibrant, high end feel. You’ll be amazed when you hold the material in your hands, even just touching it is an experience.

So, imagine how it would feel to transform your trade show booth or photo backdrop with this vivid fabric. It creates a feeling of luxury for your audience and raises expectations to a higher bar.

At Britten, we aim to capture that feeling and bring it to every inch of your space. You will feel good about that and feel good about not hurting the environment at the same time!

Fabric is also much lighter (75% less than vinyl), which means that it will cost less to ship. Quite simply, fabric is the most vivid, elegant option for large format graphics.

In fact, there are so many applications for using printed fabric that we thought it would be a good idea to talk through a few of the different kinds of materials we most commonly use, and why fabric might be worth considering for your next project!

Which fabric is right for you?

Britten has the knowledge, experience and know-how to produce perfect banners of all shapes, sizes, and substrates. We offer six standard fabric options, to cover a wide range of applications.

Below at left, you’ll see a closeup of an actual printed material sample. And at right, you’ll see a photo of a completed fabric banner in the field. Because we love to share great images our colorful projects!

1. Display Knit Fabric

Display knit is a reliable all-purpose material for tension frame systems and much more! Display knit is wrinkle resistant with a vibrant print quality and a high-end matte finish. Quite simply, it’s our most popular fabric.

This material is great for single-sided, indoor applications such as trade show displays, table covers & backdrops.

Display knit is also the fabric of choice for SEG frames. If you’re not familiar, SEG stands for “silicone-edged graphic” — silicone beading is sewn onto the edges and tucks into a thin aluminum channel, creating a perfectly tensioned fabric frame every time!

2. Heavy Knit Fabric

Heavy knit is a versatile material for dye sublimation. It’s an an affordable choice for single-sided prints to be used indoors. You’ll love the vibrant colors, with a canvas-like feel and a matte finish.

This fabric is great for banners under 9 feet wide, indoor use, also store décor and banner stands.

3. Blockout Knit Fabric

Our direct-to-fabric dye sublimated Blockout Knit material is used for fabric applications that require an opaque banner to address lighting issues.

This material is great for display frames and stage backdrops.

4. Backlit Knit Fabric

Our direct-to-fabric dye sublimated backlit material is primarily used with framed LED backlit display systems. This lightweight fabric makes colors look incredibly vibrant when illuminated.

This fabric is great for backlit stage backdrops, backlit LED displays, and backlit fluorescent displays.

5. Outdoor Knit Fabric

Our direct-to-fabric dye sublimated Outdoor Knit material remains colorfast for months and is designed to perform when moisture and temperature changes are a factor.

This fabric is great for exterior display frames and outdoor event banners.

Outdoor knit is also often used with our larger SEG (silicone-edged graphic) frames, some as large as 10′ H x 40′ W or more.

6. Flag Knit Fabric

Our direct-to-fabric dye sublimated flag material is a great option for indoor or outdoor use. This lightweight, sheer polyester is easy to manage and displays a reverse image on the backside.

This fabric is great for outdoor flags, banners, and backdrops.

As you can see, there is a wide range of fabric substrates that can be utilized in a variety of different circumstances.