6 New Ideas to Help You Re-Open Your Venue Today

Every day more stadiums and venues are welcoming back customers and fans. Doing so successfully means doing it safely while still providing the public with a top-notch experience and messaging that shows the community you care.

From social-distancing signs and banners to BoxPop® fan activations, outdoor eateries, and bars. Download your light bulb moment and see how Britten can help you safely reopen your venue and welcome back customers and fans.

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Throw some color. Designed for event entryways, parking lots, plazas, concourses, and city streets, RotoTop™ flagpoles are fast and easy to setup. Just fill the portable base with sand, rock or concrete, tilt the flagpole at its hinge, and hang your flag(s). Simple. RotoTop™ flags are air-permeable mesh/fabric that delivers more than just beautiful outdoor visuals. They’re also durable enough to weather any storm and won’t fade in the sun.

  • Rototop™ 24-foot high portable flagpoles with 4' x 16' full-color flags are the easiest and brightest color throwers around.
  • Available only from Britten, these huge displays are guaranteed to delight you or your money back, no questions asked.


A quick-change standee with high-end appeal. Your hassle-free solution for messaging with high-end visual appeal. Our heavy-duty standee is a custom, double-sided banner display that sets up in minutes and—when paired with our beautiful, pillowcase fabric banners—delivers eye-catching media that’s quick to change out and perfectly tensioned every time. Simply pull the old banner off and slide a new one over the standee frame. Luxurious fabric pillowcase media delivers a sleek, borderless presentation. Sturdy yet elegant construction
makes it perfect for exterior use or for special events.

  • Double-sided printing for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Standard and custom sizes available. Learn more here.


Utilize your light poles. Every venue has at least a few light poles, but what good are they without BannerSaver™ Brackets and high-quality, double-sided banners listing your best upcoming events?

  • The world's most advanced, spring-loaded bracket system—aluminum forged and wind-tunnel tested to spill 87% of the wind.
  • Make your outdoor advertising last longer.
  • Banner programs swapped out quickly and easily.
  • Order online at: bannersaver.com/shop


Promote social distancing and healthy hygiene. Armed with our unique line of innovative hardware, you will ensure your signage—no matter the size—gets noticed in any space.

Or, create a reminder opportunity on any surface in a high-traffic area. Colorful vinyl decals transform windows, walls, or floors in minutes, delivering an instant, effortless, solution that engages attendees and boosts awareness indoors and out.

  • Based on your project, budget, and targeted impact, we can help develop a solution customized for you.
  • We employ modern materials, adhesives, printing, and die-cut technology to customize decals to any size, any shape, with bright, full-color graphics that will not fade.
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Making handwashing easy both indoors and out. Compact. Durable. No assembly required. Meet new handwashing protocols and avoid long, crowded lines—anywhere you work or recreate. Britten WoodWorks portable handwashing and sanitizing stations deliver a rare combination of commercial-grade quality and ADA compliance.

No need for running water. Made in U.S.A. Built with solid, wood construction and solid-surface sink/countertops for carefree maintenance and easy cleaning. Large, 7-gallon water/waste tanks and professional-grade plumbing provide no-fuss reliability and hours of handwashing between refills.

Order online at brittensafetysolutions.com


Turn your parking lot into a moneymaker. How about an instant drive-in movie theatre? Outdoor merchandise market? Go-kart raceway? Or just a great place to hang out under a custom tinker-toy structure made with EventTruss™, BoxPop™ customized shipping containers, and fabulous full-color flags and banners? We can make this all happen, and make it happen FAST. See our complete portfolio and let’s get the party restarted!

  • BoxPop® customized shipping containers are the perfect solution for your mobile bar, restaurant, pop-up store, or experiential event.
  • Standard models can be customized to your needs, are reinforce engineered to be extremely durable, and can be delivered nationwide.