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A-Frame Displays

  • advertising a-frame sports
  • Sideline Signatures for the Detroit Lions Pregame Fan Zone
  • A-Frames on Golf Course
  • Yellow Sideline Signature A-Frame
  • Sideline Signature Football Field
  • Sideline Signature End Zone
  • Sideline Signatures at the Pinstripe Bowl (Yankee Stadium, NYC)
  • Sideline Signature Retail Halloween
  • Printed Golf Course A-Frames

A-Frame Displays

Padded and rigid a-frames.

From the sidelines to the sidewalk, choose the right a-frame display for promotional advertising. Available in rigid substrates or padded form, a-frames are lightweight and freestanding. These displays are portable and collapsible, making them easy to store and move inside at the end of the day.


When it comes to sideline banner display systems, Sideline Signatures is the premium option for sponsorship visibility in stadiums and arenas. Easy to set-up for sideline branding or crowd control, this padded a-frame provides a safe and effective media placement both indoors and out. And when the event is over, the collapsible design makes transportation and storage simple.

We can customize to any size or color that fits your needs. Standard size is 3’ by 9’.

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