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Meet Samantha

Employee Spotlight

by Britten Inc  

Hello, I am… Samantha Konopko.

Est. 2/2

I’m skilled at: Singing really loud in my car and MarioKart — you know, the important things. 

The best sweet or salty snack is: BBQ Chips, or just chips in general. I like chips.

On the weekends and free time I am often doing: Outside things!  Hiking, Paddle-Boarding, Biking, Skating, Camping, basically anything but running. I do not like running. 

I never: Thought I’d live in Northern Michigan. I’ve lived in Chicago, Central Illinois and Breckenridge, CO but I never thought I’d live in Michigan.  

Best movie ever: Overboard – my sister and I used to watch it over and over again.

My favorite candy is: Sour Patch Kids

My favorite sports teams are: Cubs and Bears (I’m from Chicago)

If calories didn’t count I would drink: MILKSHAKES!

My “at bat” song would be: “Live Your Life” by T.I. and Rihanna

My start date at Britten: 8/30/2016 

This store/brand has a great deal of my money: REI – I want to hike the Michigan Shore-to-Shore trail so I’ve been gearing up.

My hero is: This is a tough question.  My heroes are people who feel their fear and do it anyway.

People say I look like: Brittany Snow (from “Pitch Perfect”)

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